Brookstone Outlet store in Kittery Outlets (All malls) (Maine)

306 State Rd, Kittery ME 03904
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306 State Rd, Kittery ME 03904
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Brookstone outlet store is in Kittery Outlets (All malls) located on 306 State Rd, Kittery ME 03904

Looking for the perfect gift? You'll find it at Brookstone. The company started in 1965 as a small direct-mail company that specialized in hard-to-find tools. Today, you'll find locations in plenty of malls and airports throughout America, and offers a wide variety of offbeat products and gifts. You'll also find products and tools that are well-made and highly functional. Find more information at

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Directions to Brookstone: If you are using a GPS system, here is the physical address you need...306 State Road, Kittery, ME Kittery Outlets are located just an hour north of Boston, MA. & an hour south of Portland, ME

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Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm, Sunday 10am - 6pm