easy spirit Outlet store in Kittery Outlets (All malls) (Maine)

306 State Rd, Kittery ME 03904
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306 State Rd, Kittery ME 03904
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easy spirit outlet store is in Kittery Outlets (All malls) located on 306 State Rd, Kittery ME 03904

The aptly named shoe-based company, Easy Spirit, has provided comfort and ease to their customers for decades. Easy Spirit has created and continues to improve upon innovative technologies to help its customers live life in comfort. The site focuses on providing women with stylish, yet wearable solutions to enhance their lives. Shoppers can search by style, size, or price to find a shoe to suit their specific needs. If you walk with ease, everything else will follow. It’s important to note that Easy Spirit offers every day free shipping on orders over $49.99.

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Directions to easy spirit: If you are using a GPS system, here is the physical address you need...306 State Road, Kittery, ME Kittery Outlets are located just an hour north of Boston, MA. & an hour south of Portland, ME

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Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm, Sunday 10am - 6pm